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Come together with others and win money

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How it works

Pitch in money and your get a share of a lottoTicket. If the group wins you get a percentage of the winnings.

Our Tech


You never have to go to a store and touch a lotto machine.


All you have to do is send us cash.


$ = Your Shares/ Total Shares * Amount Earned


Once we buy the lotto tickets they are kept in a safe away from harm.


What is the cutoff date to buy tickets?

The drawings are on Tuesday and Friday. But, we only have tickets for Friday drawings. In order to be in the Friday drawing you need to give pay for shares by Thursday at 6 P.M. PST.

How do I pay you/ get paid?

We recieve your money via Paypal. That is stored in a leger and if the share wins then we will send your amount back to you via the same Paypal account.

How many tickets can I buy?

As many as you want.

How are the winnings divided?

We use the formula: $ = (Your Shares/ All Shares)* Amount Earned

Do You take a cut?

Yes 10% from the winnings. Other than that there are no fees of any kind, Period.

Is this a scam?

No. We just want the mass population to have a chance at winning the lotto. This format is more effective for everyone. Everyone wins.

Are there any consequences for doing this?

If you consider making money a consequences, well then yes.