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What is KiwiCoin?

Kiwicoin is a simple cryptocurrency. With KiwiCoins you don't need any fancy equipment or expensive machines. Kiwicoins allow you to 'mine' your coins by pressing the big lemon right above this text. When you click this lemon you will recieve one Kiwi. If you make an account your coins may be synced and saved to your online wallet. Kiwicoin does not put a lot of stress on your computer thus, is very simple to mine. Go ahead and give mining a try!


Is there a Public Leger?

Yes <-- Click it to see leger


Is there an exchange?

Not currently but in the near future there will be an exchange.


How can I send KiwiCoins?

Up at the top of the webpage there is a section where you can send KiwiCoins. Here all you need to do is enter in the recieveing accounts username and the amount you want to send to them.


Who is behind KiwiCoin?

Creatr is behind KiwiCoin


What is the future plans of KiwiCoin?

Merchant Acceptance | Wide-Spread Usage


I have a sugestion!

Send us mail at: creatr.help@gmail.com

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